Wendy’s vs Burger King Twitter “BEEF”…..AGAIN

The beef just won’t stop….LITERALLY!

On Monday, Burger King posted of their Burger “King” mascot infront of a Wendy’s establishment holding a sign that reads “Roses are red, Vioelts are blue….Patties are round.”   The photo was posted to the fast-food chain’s corporate Twitter account throwing jabs at the fact that Wendy’s uses square burger patties..

But we ALL know Ms. Wendy is the QUEEN of SHADE and CLAPBACKS! So she then retweeted the photo, with the caption, “Looked who dropped by to see what Spicy Nuggets were supposed to taste like.”

Can we say that response was colder than a frosty in the middle of January?!

Wendy’s up by 1.000.

Author: Malea Howard

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